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Name: Luciano
Pet's Name: Weesta
From: Brescia, Italy
To: Glasgow

Salve Mariella,

in allegato le invio alcune foto di weesta che esplora la nuova casa, per ora non l'abbiamo ancora fatta uscire perche' e' ancora un po' spaventata, pero' poi sicuramente nel giardino trovera' degli amici ,nella zona ci sono parecchi gatti e poi si vedono scoiattoli,gazze e volpi..quindi l'avventura di weesta e' solo cominciata....

saluti e grazie ancora per l’ottimo servizio svolto


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Pet's Name: Manuel
From: Firenze, Italy
To: Melbourne, Australia

Dear Mariella and Relocat Team,

Manuel arrived in Melbourne safely and apparently walked out of his crate all well. This is just a quick note to thank you for all of your wonderful assistance with relocating Manuel. You were terrific, and we will happily recommend you very strongly to anyone who needs to move their pets. Mariella, you in particular have been such a help, which I greatly appreciate. Preparing a dog for shipment to Australia is such a complicated business, but without your help, and that of Vanna, the private vet in Fiesole, I couldn't have got it done. Indeed, if you have someone in the future who is wanted to ship a dog from Florence, Vanna is a great vet for them to work with and she now knows the full procedure.

Many, many thanks.

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Name: Janet
Pet's Name:
From: Milan, Italy
To: Kansas City, US

I would be delighted to highly recommend your service and agency.  My puppy arrived in perfect condition after a challenging trip from Milan to Amsterdam to Chicago and on to Kansas City.  This morning she is confidently and  vigorously exploring her new world.  This kind of outcome is more than any new owner could hope for.
Thank you so much.

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