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Name: Alberto
Pet's Name: Polpetta
From: Milan, Italy
To: Abu Dhabi

Buongiorno Mariella,

Polpetta e' arrivato un po' stralunato, ma in salute.
Adesso e' a casa che guarda fuori dalla finestra...ma non vede niente!

Grazie di tutto,

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Name: Dee Milthorpe
Pet's Name: Zoja
From: Milan, Italy

To: Sydney

Hi Mariella,
Just to let you know Zoja (now known as Prada) has settled into quarentine. A little bit shy but starting to learn english and be friendly. Thank you for the wonderful job you have done..
Dee Milthorpe

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Name: Kevin
Pet's Name: Keci
From: USA
To: Catania, Italy

ciao Mariella,

I just wanted to let you know that Keci arrived safe and sound in Catania as planned.  I picked him up at the airport, and not only was he healthy looking, rested, and in a clean carrier, but he also seemed pretty content.  I think he actually had a more relaxing / enjoyable flight over the pond then I did :)  All of course due to your excellent planning / services and your gentle care of him Mariella.

So thank you for a great job.  I'm more than willing to be a good reference for you should you need such in the future.

Take Care

v/r Kevin

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