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Name: CathyPickles drinking water just arrived at home in Atlanta from Rome small
Pet's Name: Pickes
From: Rome, Italy
To: Atlanta


Hi Mariella,

I'm happy to let others know what a great job you did in assisting us as well if anyone would like a personal referral.
Kindest Regards,


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Name: Cristina e Liviu
Pet's Name: BobitaBobita from Milan to Dubai
From: Milan, Italy
To: Dubai


Raccomandiamo di cuore, a tutti voi che avete un amico a 4 zampe, la ditta ReloCat! Grazie ReloCat! Siete stati fantastici, avete svolto il vostro lavoro con amore ed alta profesionalita!

Bobita sta benissimo e vi manda un bacio a tutti!Un particolare GRAZIE!! va alla Sig.ra Mariella e Sig.Gerry!!

Vi salutiamo,

Cristina e Liviu Ionescu

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Name: Andrew Pictures of Aisha enjoying Hong Kong6
Pet's Name: AIsha
From: Rome, Italy
To: Hong Kong

Hi Mariella,

Well Aisha went straight to a pension here as we don't have a place that will take ni meals but she appears to be well. Thanks for ll the help. It ws a huge relief to have you handle everything and you were extremely professional.


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